We are a company operating in the transport and forwarding services market since 2000. International transport and managing the logistics process has been our domain since the very beginning of our existence. Carrying out these functions is done by a team of qualified specialists who can adjust to specific requirements of the client and perform the entrusted tasks at the highest level.

Our advantages

Flexibility and adjusting to specific requirements of the client have always been our priority. The level of the provided services determines our actions which is why we continuously invest in improving our business processes.

Transport, forwarding and logistics services include transport of goods throughout Europe.




TOMEX - TRANS Sp. z o.o.

Librantowa 31, 33-300 Nowy Sącz
Office / mailing address:
33-300 Nowy Sącz, Lwowska 30/8
NIP: 734-356-00-09
REGON: 380515126

Department of transport:
phone: 570 866 666
e-mail: transport@tomex-trans.pl

phone: +48 18 548 94 01
mobile (office): +48 785 383 361
e-mail: biuro@tomex-trans.pl

Forwarding department
phone: +48 570 866 666
e-mail: spedycja@tomex-trans.pl

Marketing department
phone: +48 783 895 633
e-mail: maketing@tomex-trans.pl

Tuning department
projects: +48 783 895 633
upholstery: +48 784 781 592
e-mail: tuning@tomex-trans.pl

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