/What can we do for you?

Our offer includes domestic and international transport in the territory of the European Union:

• Transport of materials in controlled temperature from –25°C to +25°C
• Transport of hazardous materials ADR

and additional services:
• Mechanics and car parts
• Import and export of cars
• Credits and leasing in simplified procedure

/ Temperature

Tomex-trans Temperature

We offer transport of goods in the monitored temperature of your choice (from –25°C to +25°C)

/ Temperature printouts

Tomex-trans Temperature printouts

Each refrigerated vehicle is fitted with a temperature recorder that generates printouts to check conditions of transport

/ 24/7

Tomex-trans 24/7

Contact with the forwarder and the driver
24 hours per day,
7 days per week,
365 days in year


Tomex-trans GPS

We conduct continuous GPS monitoring
of our cars, so that you know
where are your goods
with the precision of metres

/ Disinfection

Tomex-trans Disinfection

We conduct regular inspections
and disinfection of refrigerated trailers –
which ensure high standards of our services

/ Insurance

Tomex-trans Insurance

All transport services ordered with us
are insured for the amount of
USD 175,000

/Where we will deliver your goods

Domestic transport
We will transport your products/goods to any place in Poland, on time, safely and reliably.

International transport
We carry out transport services in the territory of the entire European Union, especially to: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkey.

We have all permits for transport to the above countries and the EKMT permit.
Transport to countries outside of the EU is provided with TIR KARNET coverage. We are a member of ZMPD and of the Chamber of Commerce.


  • Transport compliant with GDP standards
  • Customised approach to clients
  • Insurance of each transport for USD 175,000
  • Contact with the forwarder and the driver
  • No subcontractors
  • Transport safety

/Type of semi-trailers


KRONE Carrier 1550 | KRONE Carrier 1950
Tomex-trans Doppelstock


Lambert -Thermoking SLX300
Tomex-trans Hakówka


Tomex-trans Standard

/Our Fleet

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TOMEX - TRANS Sp. z o.o.

Librantowa 31, 33-300 Nowy Sącz
Office / mailing address:
33-300 Nowy Sącz, Lwowska 30/8
NIP: 734-356-00-09
REGON: 380515126

Department of transport:
phone: 570 866 666
e-mail: transport@tomex-trans.pl

phone: +48 18 548 94 01
mobile (office): +48 785 383 361
e-mail: biuro@tomex-trans.pl

Forwarding department
phone: +48 570 866 666
e-mail: spedycja@tomex-trans.pl

Marketing department
phone: +48 783 895 633
e-mail: maketing@tomex-trans.pl

Tuning department
projects: +48 783 895 633
upholstery: +48 784 781 592
e-mail: tuning@tomex-trans.pl

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